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Here we describe a little bit of our story...and our battle with baby eczema. We have added another page with more information on how to help your child with baby eczema.

The Natural Newborn was started to fulfill a particular need of my family. When my son was born three years ago he developed eczema as a baby. This condition is commonly known as baby eczema or infant eczema. In older children it is often referred to as childhood eczema. The infant eczema was on his forehead. We were fortunate that he eventually outgrew it, but it was very frustrating for me as a parent because if you know anyone with baby eczema or infant eczema, you know how uncomfortable and itchy the scaly patches can be.
When our daughter was born, she quickly developed the same red and scaly patches on her tiny face. And I do mean tiny, she was born 6 weeks premature and weighed only 5 pounds at birth. I knew what the redness meant and asked our pediatrician if there was something we could use to treat her condition. The doctor told us she had baby eczema (infant eczema) but she was not willing to prescribe any medication for her because of her young age and prematurity. We would just have to live with it.

Here you can see the irritation and skin flaking from her baby eczema at the bottom of the first picture-and the redness all over her face, especially at the inside corner of her eye and over on the side by her hairline.
I had recently started using handmade bath & body care products and I knew how gentle and moisturizing the soap was so I decided to start using it for her as well. I followed up her baths with some natural Body Butter on the dry areas and within a week the redness from the baby eczema had significantly improved. When we visited our Pediatrian two weeks later, she could not believe how wonderfully the eczema had cleared up. To this day, she is still amazed at how naturally and effectively we treated her baby eczema and how clear and soft her skin is. Come to find out, all this time my children were sensitive to the chemicals in the soap I was using on their skin and causing the eczema rash. I know that I will never again use commercially made store-bought skin care products on their delicate skin.

Look at her beautiful skin now, eczema free!
All of our products come in an unscented variety for the most sensitive, but I absolutely love the smell of the store brand baby washes. So we also offer natural baby products that smell as sweet as the commercial brands, but without all the harsh chemicals and preservatives that cause allergic reactions and eczema for so many people, including my babies. I Then decided to add a line of natural products for older children as well, because they often have allergic sensitivities and suffer from childhood eczema too. I made these products available unscented and in scents that I knew would be favorites for kids of all ages.
We plan to add more fragrances and products to both our Baby's Bath and Toddler Tub product lines to make us your complete source for their natural body care needs. Although these products are made especially for your little ones, they are great for the whole family! If you have a preference for a fragrance that you would like to see added, send us an email and let us know. We love getting suggestions from our users!

Not all baby eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to chemicals, some sufferers may be allergic to foods or other things they are exposed to in their environment. We were very fortunate that we were able to pinpoint the source of her baby eczema and quickly remove it from her lifestyle. Once she was no longer exposed to the source of the irritation, she no longer suffered from her baby eczema. Those that are suffering from eczema that stems from other sources may still benefit from these products because they are not drying or irritating to the skin and can help improve the symptoms of their eczema, even if they do not replace the source of the eczema.

We have compiled some more information for you here on using our products to help with baby eczema.

Click here to see our natural bath and skin care products for your family.


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